With our Warehouse Management System, maintaining all of your inventory from purchase to sale, and all your location transfers in between, is easily traceable.

Real Time Inventory

Keep track of all inventory levels with records of each movement. When items are sold or purchased, on-hand inventory and forecasted quantities adjust automatically so live inventory is only available to your customers. This decreases back orders, reduces processing time, and alleviates late shipments and fulfillments.

Full Traceability

View your stock moves when they are transferred throughout the warehouse, or wherever else stock moves whether it’s a customer, supplier or throughout your manufacturing locations. You can even customize minimum stock rules that create automatic procurements to maintain appropriate stock levels.

Integrated with Sales, Purchases and Accounting

Stock levels are reflected in real time with sales and purchases which allows accurate forecasting and procurements. This enhances accounting valuations and costs on your inventory operations.

Processes made for you

Control everything about your inventory. Customize the system to reduce your manual work. You can set which locations one or any number of your products go when you first receive them. You can easily transfer stock from different stores or warehouses and control everything from incoming shipments to outgoing orders.

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Handle your returns with ease. Setup rules and let the system manage the process for you. Even integrate with your website and let the customers do the work.

Automated Stock Level Tracking

Keep track of your stock with automated systems that tell you when you're running low and need to reorder. It's simple with orderpoints you can customize for all products or individual settings. When your stock drops below your predefined count, the system will create a purchase order for you and take the guesswork out of the process. You can even tell it how much to order!

Serial Number Tracking

If your company is in need of serial number tracking, we have the right system for the job. Ensure unique serials are managed and scanned on each outgoing order and the same numbers are coming in on returns. You will know where your serials are at and where they're going.

RMA and Returns Management

From 14-day return policies to fully customized serial tracking and management we have the returns process that fits your company. Create processes for your products from quality control, repairs, and testing. Return the products to your shelves or send them back to your customers after you're finished the repair process and keep everything simple. No need to stress over returns any longer.

Reporting and Dashboards

See all your reports and interact with them in one place! Easy to use and easier to customize. Never be without critical business updates you need to run your business. See all your sales, outgoing orders, products, accounting, and more. If you need to see a quick report, you can add it to your dashboard once and have it available whenever you need it.

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