Manage all projects, track your tasks, and see what team is ready for more. All your projects in a single place, broken down by individual or team, and see what's upcoming, in progress, or done. It's never been easier.

Each project for you

You're not forced into a box with our project management system. Customize each and every one of your projects by the stages you want, see them in any view, and manage everything all in one place. It's the optimum environment for your team.

Simple Interface

Everything about projects is simple to use and beautiful to look at. A few clicks and you're creating new projects, duplicating projects, adding new tasks, or managing everything through your stages. updating members is real-time as they can see what tasks you're working on and what you've just finished. No waiting and no hassle.

Collaborate like never before

With an integrated live-chat feature, you can touch base with any coworker in a click. Use it to communicate and work together on projects or use it to speak directly to your customers. With the live chat feature, anyone can reach out to you as long as you're available. Easily an essential tool in any team environment.

Proposals in a flash

Gone are the days of passing around proposals on a document. Here are the days where everyone can work together in real-time. Turn on the editing features and let your team see all the changes you've made, easily revert anything back, or add comments to help ease explanation. Track everything from creation to completion and never lose sight of the goal.

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Let your processes do all the heavy lifting. No need to keep worrying about projects when everything is handled for you and wrapped up in a lice little package.

Timesheets and Contracts

When your company uses timesheets to manage hours and projects, let your workers easily update and manage their times without any fuss. Simplified user experience and managed processes will help your employees spend more time working and less time managing the time clock. Integrate the timesheets with your accounting and human resources to create synchronized vacations, employee payments, and more.

Reporting and Dashboards

See all your reports and interact with them in one place! Easy to use and easier to customize. Never be without critical business updates you need to run your business. See all your sales, outgoing orders, products, accounting, and more. If you need to see a quick report, you can add it to your dashboard once and have it available whenever you need it.

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