The days of running your business on different applications is over. ElephanteRP was designed based on proven flexibility and agility to decrease manual processes, eliminate multiple programs, and support strategic initiatives.

Warehouse Control and Inventory Management

ElephanteRP’s Warehouse Management System gives you a real time, in-depth view on forecasted and on hand inventory levels, purchasing patterns and product costs throughout the entire supply chain. This enables you to better manage fulfillment expectations to your customers, and future incoming shipments from your suppliers and vendors. Manage inventory by serial numbers, on a rack, row, or space, as well as to and from different locations. Managing your inventory with us is easier done than said.

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Accounting and Finances

No need to export reports from one program to import them into another accounting software. Elephante’s accounting system seamlessly integrates with purchasing, sales, warehouse, and expenses to enhance critical business processes by enabling all users to maintain sales, customer data, and company finances from a single source. This gives you a live feed into the financial performance of your business.

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CRM and Sales Solutions

Track all of your leads, opportunities, quotations and sales with a proven Customer Relationship Management application. With an easy way to manage your sales funnel, following up with leads and opportunities while keeping up with your current customer base is effortless. View everything on a dashboard, in kanban view, or on a collaborative calendar, and even customize your own views to fit your company’s sales cycle. Manager’s can get a bird’s eye view on everything the team is currently working on and manage timelines for certain opportunities.

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Touch-Screen Point of Sale Interface

Do you have multi-unit stores or retail locations? Do you have a direct sales team that needs to process transactions right at a customer’s doorstep or business office? ElephanteRP’s completely integrated Point of Sale application is synced with your live inventory so orders can be processed with a few clicks of each product, or touches on the screen, and accounting is automatically updated with those sales. Yes…it’s that simple. Use it with an iPad and Android Tablet, or even a Computer with a Mouse.

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ERP can help your business no matter your size. Help your sales and increase your proficiency.

Project Manager

Imagine the day where you can stop using spreadsheets to manage projects and tasks, and no one is waiting around for an email of To-Dos. With ElephanteRP’s project management tool you can do just that. From any web browser, every project’s issue, task, phase, planning and scheduling can be maintained from a centralized location. Control timelines in a calendar view, schedule projects in a gantt chart, and work on daily tasks in customized project stages that fit your own needs.

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Purchase Management

ElephanteRP can streamline your procurement methods and easily track a vendor’s performance by following products from quotes to confirmed purchase orders, and then compare received products versus back ordered items. Even manage multiple purchase pricelists by vendor with an advanced price computation method to maintain best pricing.

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eCommerce Integration

Launch an amazing online store with beautiful landing pages, a full product catalog, and feature rich content, while connecting your on hand inventory and up to date pricing through ElephanteRP’s management software. Any sold inventory or new products automatically updates in your product catalog, and price changes reflect in real time.

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