Managing leads, opportunities and sales on a wordpad or spreadsheet, and then emailing those updates, should be left in the past like cassette players and VHS.


CRM for your business

Enjoy a fully integrated sales tool which tracks leads and opportunities through expected revenues, logged and scheduled calls, calendar meetings, and top opportunities. Impress your potential customers by sending them a unique and professional quote to attract them and increase your closing ratios. Manage your team with an effective top down management tool that coordinates calendars, sales activity, and dashboards all at a glance.

Customized Views and Dashboards

With easy to use views, you can track everything that is happening in your pipeline with an innovative kanban and list view. In just a click, have instant access to all leads and opportunities, and create your own sales process that correlates with your business. Analyze your team’s performance with data in graphical charts to make swift decisions.

After-Sale Services

Helpdesk and Support just got easier with ElephanteRP’s sales support feature. Create and track a customer’s claim while linking it to a previous sales order or product to ensure proper follow up occurs to increase customer satisfaction.

Email Integration

All your favorite email clients integrate to work with your new ERP system. You can use Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, and more. You don't have to switch out of your comfort zone in order to increase your sales. You can even link external emails to different sales teams, opportunities, leads, and projects so any contact you get is automatically put in the right place and waiting for the right employee to handle.

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Increasing yours sales has never been easier

With Elephante ERP, your CRM and sales teams are always fully productive.

Calendar Organization

Schedule your meetings, events, and any other date-sensitive items on your calendar. Share the views with your coworkers and employees and manage what everyone is planning. The calendar view offers a simplified way to view all your dates and upcoming agendas.

Leads and Opportunities

Keep all your leads and opportunities organizaed and track them from start to finish. With a customized sales cycle for your business, you can manage your salespeople and they can keep on track with their potential clients. Any opportunity is easy to add and you can see everything about the lead in a single view.

Handy Graphs and Metrics

See all your sales goals and keep things simple for your people. Everyone can know how they are to making a sale and meeting company goals. Manage by teams or individuals and see invoice counts, leads and opportunities counts, and team members.

Reporting and Dashboards

See all your reports and interact with them in one place! Easy to use and easier to customize. Never be without critical business updates you need to run your business. See all your sales, outgoing orders, products, accounting, and more. If you need to see a quick report, you can add it to your dashboard once and have it available whenever you need it.

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CRM for your business

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