Streamline all aspects of your technology and digital architecture, and outrun your competition with cost-effective applications that will drive your business forward. Elephante will quantify solutions based on your needs, and will customize applications to alleviate and streamline business operations.

We want you to fit the application, and not just sell you a ‘website or software package’ like some of the other software platforms and IT providers.

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Solutions for Every Need

A few ideas we can implement for you

The idea is to increase efficiencies within your organization, and to achieve target goals based on Elephante’s innovative solutions. Our job is to ensure our clients maintain their daily operations without the responsibility of managing the design, development, integration and implementation of any software, web, or technology application.

Elephante Resource Planning

ElephanteRP is a powerful platform that delivers a comprehensive software solution to take on today’s business challenges.

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Websites and eCommerce

Boost your visibility and maximize your online strategy with a phenomenal website for those shoppers on the worldwide web.

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Apps for your business

Build an Android app that takes your company into a whole new Mobile Device world.

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CRM Solutions

Enhance productivity and grow sales revenues with a true customer lifecycle management application.

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Accounting Made Simple

Imagine one place where every sale, purchase, expense and payment will be centrally located.

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And even more features!

There's simply too many features to discuss all in detail. Click here to learn more.

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Streamline business processes, increase efficiencies, build customer loyalty and increase revenue with Elephante’s innovative technology applications and solutions.

Elephante Resource Planning

Think about the inefficiencies you are facing every day. You have one software for accounting, another for managing your inventory, and a third to track leads and sales…that’s complicated. Elephante can make IT work for you all with one neat solution. We call it ElephanteRP.

ElephanteRP was designed to simplify a company’s processes, technology and infrastructure by pairing all of the necessary applications to minimize manual tasks, improve workflows, decrease duplicated efforts and increase productivity.

Project Management

Manage all your company's projects with our easy to use project management system. Track tasks, issues, and help your team succeed and continue to drive your company forward.

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Warehouse Logistics

Deliver, ship, transfer, and manage your inventory with ease. Our Warehouse solutions offer the inventory and customer management with a click of a button and a fraction of the price.

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Mobile Retail

Let your customers find you wherever they are. With responsive, mobile eCommerce, you can sell to any customer from home or on the go.

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Sales and CRM

Create lasting relationships with your customers with CRM features for all your needs. Your salespeople will be ahead of the game and setup from the go.

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Human Resources

Recruit and manage your employees all in one place. Hire the best and manage all employees needs like vacations, payroll, expenses and more.

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Accounting and Finance

Invoice, bill pay, ledgers, journals and more. Everything you need to run your finances and keep track of your bottom line all in one place. Automation makes your life a breeze.

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Elephante, LLC. was founded by two technology visionaries that saw a need to evolve the way companies managed their digital infrastructure and technology architecture. We understand that the basic concept of almost any business is to scale with efficiencies, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is through an effective data and technology platform.

Whether you are a sole proprietor or an enterprise corporation, our essential mission is to inspire any company to stay focused on delivering a unique value to their customers and increase revenue generating activities, while Elephante efficiently and effectively streamlines and automates their business applications.

Some More About Us

We believe that any application, whether it’s a software, website, or mobile app, is feature rich, operates smoothly, and should not be complex. Elephante thrives on simplifying any technology platform used in a company’s ecosystem by combining the resources and direct experience from our dedicated team of technical and functional members, developers, and project managers.

While focusing on ergonomics and simplicity, we can transform your business by deploying affordable, cost effective IT and software applications tailored for your needs. Elephante can easily increase productivity, raise customer satisfaction levels, and maximize your bottom line profitability with the thousands of modules in our technology application network.

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